CMI Azerbaijan

The founders of CMI Offshore have operated in Azerbaijan since 1994 and were involved with the first international oil company marine operations.

In the last 20 years the country has both developed and matured with the benefit of the highest levels or maritime skills and the support and investment by the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has a rich history as one of the pioneers of the oil industry and we are delighted to work with Azerbaijan state entities and some of the world’s largest and most pre-eminent oil companies.

CMI operates in Azerbaijan either through the Azerbaijan Branch of Caspian Mainport Ltd, or by direct charter of other Caspian-based vessels to Azeri customers. In recent years CMI has provided modern 45 ton bollard pull tugs for construction support and is engaged in a number of projects that we expect to lead to further operations either directly or in association with national operators.

Our business model is supported by high standard Azeri officers and crews that we employ on a world-wide basis and a highly conservative balance sheet. The financial strength of the CMI Group enables new investments and joint-ventures to be initiated as required and we remain focused on pursuing all new opportunities in the Azerbaijan maritime sector.