CMI Russia

CMI Alpha Offshore LLC was incorporated in the Russian Federation as part of the continued development of the Group’s Caspian business. The company offices are in Astrakhan which is the base for our Russian flag offshore vessels, and for our Russian sector operations which commenced in 2013 with a multi-ship contract supporting the Filanovsky Oilfield development.

Our Russian fleet is operated to the highest standards and with 100% local crew and onshore support. Existing Russian flag vessels can be additionally supported by the rest of our fleet which can be brought to Russian waters for short or medium term business.

The Russian Federation has a maritime border of 24,114 miles adjacent to significant discovered and undiscovered oil and gas reserves.

The CMI Offshore Group is focused on supporting these developments with additional vessels as required and have also used existing tonnage for internal river-canal trades and transits. We can offer solutions for all your Russian marine needs.