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CMI Offshore provides marine services and logistics to the offshore oil and maritime sectors on a world-wide basis with a specific focus on niche markets

We operate a 13 unit fleet of vessels

CM Rahil

CM Rahil

CM Rescue

CM Ruby

CM Rose

CM Brit

CMV Athos


MV Hawa

MV Hana



Surya Kelang

Surya Subang

Old Friends

CM 2007

CM Heather

CM Italia

CM Plover

CM Jet 1

CM Jet 2

CM Jet 5

CM Service

CM Kurik

CM Kurik 2

CM Kurik 2

CM Supporter

CM Surveyor

CM Trader

CM Vickie

CM Wulf

Ocean Tern

CM Greta

CM Mehran

CM Pelios


CM Pecos

Surya Alai

Surya Ipoh

Surya Bayu



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