CMI Kazakhstan

CMI Offshore Ltd has been operating vessels in the Caspian Sea sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2006 where it has a substantial presence with offshore support vessels operating from the ports of Bautino and Kurik, and with high-speed passenger vessels also based from the city of Atyrau on the Ural River.

Kazakhstan is one of the developing energy giants with massive oilfields both onshore and offshore in the Caspian region and with export routes to both China in the East and to Russia and Europe in the West.

Our Kazakhstan operations are performed through Caspian Mainport Aktau LLP, our local Kazakhstan company, or through Caspian Mainport Ltd, Kazakhstan Branch which is fully registered in Kazakhstan as a local branch. The principal group office is in the city of Aktau in Mangystau Province in the Zvezda Aktau Business Centre.

Offshore operations in the Kazak sector of the Caspian Sea combine climatic extremes, shallow waters, environmental sensitivity and the highest demands of government and customers as they explore and develop major oilfields with high pressures and significant associated gas. CMI has a highly qualified team in the country led by Regional Director Captain Mubariz Jabbarov who has operated vessels in this region for over 25 years.

CMI Kazakhstan provides ice-class vessels to cater for temperatures from as low as – 40C during the winter to + 40C in the summer. Our tugs have performed year-round harbour duties at the Ersai base at Kurik without fail since 2007 whilst during the ice-free system the CM Jet high-speed ferries have provided the marine transportation for the Kashagan workforce from Atyrau travelling in comfort at up to 35 knots in the ultra-shallow waters of the North Caspian.

Other contracts have included year-round waste-water and fuel oil storage in our ice-class tanker, CM Trader (subsequently sold), as well as a variety of towage and survey works with other shallow draft and ultra-shallow vessels. On a more traditional basis we offer full drilling rig support with AHTS vessels as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 pollution response Emergency Rescue and Recovery Vessels.