Our People

Our key local management team are as follows:

Fatima Abdullayeva Fatima is our Country Manager for Turkmenistan based in Ashgabat and has been involved in the offshore industry since the first international vessel operations commenced following independence.  She can be contacted on fatima@cmioffshore.com

Mónica Lara  Mónica is our Country Manager in Venezuela based in Caracas and has 15 years’ experience in the Maritime Industry.  She can be contacted on monica.lara@cmioffshore.com

Zainudin Saad is our representative and local partner in Malaysia.  As Managing Director of Surya Nautika Sdn Bhd he and his team are able to meet a full range of offshore requirements.  He can be contacted at zainudin@suryanautika.com.my

Group Operations are managed by:

Captain Innes Brown has been with the Group since 2015 and has been deeply involved as the company has invested in Asia and restructured some of its Caspian business. With these changes Innes is now fully focused on our Air Cushion Vessel business and bringing the world’s first self-propelled Air Cushioned Barge into operation as well as developing training and operational procedures for this unique business. Innes has now been designated Group ACV Operations Manager and will also cover any new Kazakhstan marine operations and world-wide ACV opportunities. He can be contacted on innes.brown@cmioffshore.com.

Stephen Jones Stephen is our Fleet Technical Manager.  He has over 35 years’ experience in the offshore oil industry, specialising in DP and AHTS vessels.  He can be contacted on stephen.jones@cmioffshore.com

Captain Dermot Curtin is both our link with our partners at Irish Mainport Group and works as International Operations Manager for our joint ventures outside the Caspian and with additional coverage of our Turkmenistan fleet. Dermot has been in the Maritime Sector for 29 years working with Maersk and Bernard Shulte before joining Irish Mainport in 2013 where he has remained focused on providing high quality service to charterers.. He can be contacted on dermot.curtin@cmioffshore.com.

Our corporate Team comprises:

Richard Keisner Richard has been involved in the maritime sector for 40 years with a particular focus on offshore vessels for the last 30 years.  For any corporate issues please contact him on richard.keisner@cmioffshore.com.

Mrs A Politou is our Group Financial Controller leading our Head Office Administration team. Email any questions to sissy.politou@cmioffshore.com

Artemis Danousi is a Greek qualified lawyer with internal shipping experience and handles all legal matters, insurance and corporate administration.  Email any questions to legal@cmioffshore.com