Marine Logistics

Although CMI Offshore owns vessels and directly employs over 300 seafarers, these are just the tools to enable us to meet our customer needs.

We can provide:

  • Drilling Rig Supply and Towage
  • Production Platform Supply
  • Anchor handling for Pipelay barges and Drilling Rigs
  • Construction Vessel Logistics including tug/barge supply, landing craft for ultra-shallow work
  • Floating Storage Tankers for Construction Fleets combined with Transport of Fuel and Water outwards and Sewage disposal on the return legs
  • Barges and Towing Services
  • Standby and Emergency Vessels complete with fully trained response crews and trauma specialists.. These vessels exercise and train throughout and can be equipped with full oilfield pollution control systems
  • Seismic support vessels and shallow-draft workboats

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