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CMI Malaysia

CMI Malaysia is the umbrella grouping for a growing number of interests that the group is developing in Malaysia together with local partners.

In July 2017 CMI supported the setting-up of Surya Nautika Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company based in Kuala Lumpar, which then acquired 5 existing crewboats operating in the local market.  Surya Nautika also has an engineering division performing air-diving and a variety of engineering contracts for oil company end-users.

CMI is actively looking to expand its interests in these sectors in Malaysia and is currently negotiating the acquisition of an additional 2 modern crewboats and 2 newbuilding crewboats.

Our Malaysian interests are at an early stage of development but we expect that together with local Malaysian partners we will be able to participate fully bringing newer vessels and modern vessel management to the local market.