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May 2010

CM Italia and CM Cormorant Acquisition

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Caspian Mainport announces that it has taken delivery of its latest vessels CM Italia and CM Cormorant which are 80t Bollard Pull AHTS’s and these vessel are currently on route to the Black Sea/Sea of Azov to then transit into the Caspian Sea via the Volga Don Canal System.

Turkmenistan Operation In Full Swing

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The Turkmenistan operation is now in full swing as all the vessels which were on stand by over the winter in Baku have now sailed across to Turkmenbashi for the start of the project. The CM Annie and CM Eagle carried out the tow of the Bumi Armada Lay-barge stinger and the CM Heather carried out a tandem tow of the barges M50 and M3610. CM Supporter accompanied the tow and took spares and equipment for the project on the crossing.