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Adrienne Grossman

Successful Completion of Towage – “Vesalius”

ASD Tugs Leo and Lily charters extended

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These two 65 ton bollard pull ASD tugs were mobilised directly from their Singapore shipbuilders to Venezuela in early 2013.  Operating under Venezuelan flag and with local crew and support, these vessels have performed without problem since their arrival and we are pleased that the charterers have expressed their confidence by declaring options to extend for a further 12 months.


Purchase completed in Singapore of CM Pecos and CM Pelios

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CM Pelios

CMI Offshore is pleased to announce the purchase of two new tugs for future Caspian operations. 

The two ships are sister vessels with 40 ton bollard pull and with 3.5m draft are well suited for operations in the North Caspian Sea. 

They will shortly mobilise from Singapore and underline the ongoing commitment of the CMI Offshore Group to fleet expansion and modernisation