CM Annie and CM Eagle Update

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The Tugs CM Annie and CM Eagle complete their transatlantic voyage and after a 2 weeks stopover in Trinidad arrived in Venezuela where they are to go on long term Charter supporting PDVSA’s port and export operations. This is new and exciting expansion for CMI Offshore into new areas and further emphasises the growth ambitions of the Group.  The vessels will be operated under Venezuelan flag and with local operations and crewing in keeping with the group philosophy of maximising and respecting local content and expertise.

CM Italia and Ocean Tern Update

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The vessels CM Italia and Ocean Tern recently completed a Charter operating as PSV’s supporting the Astra Drilling Rig Offshore Kazakhstan for BUE Kazakhstan. These short term Charters were as forerunners for Topaz Legend and Topaz Glory. The project also was supported by the CM Surveyor on Charter to Teniz Service which carried out the ERRV and OSR role until the PSV element completed following which this equipment was transferred to the Ocean Tern which continued on charter to well completion fulfilling the ERRV/OSR Role.

CM Jet 5 Joins Fleet

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CMI Group has taken delivery the latest vessel in its fleet –  CM Jet 5 which is a large 210 passenger high speed catamaran which has been chartered to Saipem./Ersai for the Kashagan project in Kazakhstan. This vessel was lifted onto the cargo vessel Amythest in Busam Korea for its voyage to the Caspian and is now on route to Kazakhstan where it will enter operations into the High Speed Division joining CM Jet 1 and 2 in carrying offshore workers to and from the offshore development. The vessel will operate out of the port of Atyrau on the Northern Caspian coast on the Ural River.

Supply Vessel Ocean Tern Joins Fleet

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The latest vessel to join the fleet is the ERRV/MRV/Supply Vessel Ocean Tern which has recently departed Cork in Ireland and it is currently transiting towards the Black Sea where it will proceed to Kazakhstan to join the CM Italia on Charter to KMTF/N-Operating Co supporting the Maersk Explorer Rig. This vessel will be providing a full ERRV provision to the drilling programme as well as providing supply capability as it can carry liquid Mud and Dry Bulk as well as Fuel for the drilling campaign. Whilst the vessel was being prepared for transit the crew took the opportunity to carry out Fast Rescue Craft training.

ocean tern 4

C.M. Italia Arrival in Baku Int. Seaport

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CM Italia has arrived in Baku International Seaport for reinstatement of its masts and fire monitor tower which were removed for canal transit to the Caspian. The vessel is an 80t BP AHTS and will be used for rig anchor handling and jacket towout projects in the Caspian along with the sister vessel CM Cormorant which is due in Baku later on this month.

CM Italia and CM Cormorant Acquisition

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Caspian Mainport announces that it has taken delivery of its latest vessels CM Italia and CM Cormorant which are 80t Bollard Pull AHTS’s and these vessel are currently on route to the Black Sea/Sea of Azov to then transit into the Caspian Sea via the Volga Don Canal System.

Turkmenistan Operation In Full Swing

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The Turkmenistan operation is now in full swing as all the vessels which were on stand by over the winter in Baku have now sailed across to Turkmenbashi for the start of the project. The CM Annie and CM Eagle carried out the tow of the Bumi Armada Lay-barge stinger and the CM Heather carried out a tandem tow of the barges M50 and M3610. CM Supporter accompanied the tow and took spares and equipment for the project on the crossing.

CM Jet 1 and CM Jet 2 Are Now Back In Action

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The CM Jet 1 and CM Jet 2 are now back in action operating from Atyrau, transporting offshore personnel to and from Kashagan Offshore development. The vessels were laid up for the winter in Kurik Port and have recently returned to the water having completed winter maintenance and a routine Main Engine change out.